Saturday, April 3, 2010

New Catholics

As customers fill our bookstore this week looking for just the right gifts for their candidates or their sponsors, I am blessed with constant encounters of those seeking Jesus. I am fortunate to hear the stories of fathers joining their wife and their children after 52 years. I am fortunate to hear of a young daughter, son and dad, joining their mother. I am fortunate to be around Catholics excited about their Faith and their Faith journey with their candidates this past year. The atmosphere is always different during this Holy Week. There is a Spirit that is contagious. Non-Catholics as well as Catholics feel it as they enter through the front door. People want to share their stories and the stories of others. The husband who's wife is expecting and who is joining the Church tonight and celebrated their one year anniversary last weekend. He wanted me to know. The woman who is not Catholic but her daughter is joining the Church and she was very uncomfortable coming in and yet better because she did. She wanted me to know. The woman in the parking lot giving change to one passing by and as she put it into his hands, said a short little prayer with him. She wanted me to know that it was her choice and all was well. I am fortunate that God has put me in this place to listen to his people and to care for his people and to feel His Spirit through them. I am fortunate to be a part of a Faith that is rich in tradition and story. I look forward to this week every year and I've never been disappointed. New Catholics and all who have been around during their Faith journey refill my cup. I am truly blessed. Just wanted you to know.


  1. What a delightful business you have! You are very blessed! Have a blessed Easter!

  2. I love life stories. You are blessed to hear them regularly. We all learn so much from such stories. Have a happy Easter.

  3. A very blessed Easter to you and your family!!