Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Keep Your Words Soft and Sweet

When we were growing up, my mom used to preach, "Keep your words soft and sweet just in case you have to eat them." My mom's words of wisdom that I can't seem to bring forth when I need them the most. Ironically, this morning I pulled up the Why I Am Catholic post and Frank was talking about words. The importance of being careful with them and how word is one letter from sword, etc. I occasionally choose a site at one of my favorite blogs to read if I have some time and so today I chose Deacon's Bench and began to read. I couldn't believe that the message was again about words. This man has actually had to turn off his comment box for a while because of some of the words used. And I could understand and commend his decision. But, I'm prepped now for my day to watch my mouth, RIGHT? Holy Spirit's put it in front of me for a reason. RIGHT? And a good friend calls to tell me that her oldest sister died in the night. I have always loved this family. Grew up with them. Been around them all my life. And BAM! I say just the WRONG thing. As it came out, I thought, are you kidding me? You've been with me all morning and you can't stop those words from rolling off my tongue. I actually got a stomach ache. I am so insensitive. So, I apologized and in Catholic fashion asked forgiveness that I did not deserve and in better Catholic fashion of course she pardoned me. Count to ten. Take a breathe. Think. We tend to say stupid things when we don't know what to say. How 'bout just keep my mouth shut and listen? God forgive me and help me to keep my words, if I must speak them, soft and sweet because I often eat them.

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