Thursday, April 8, 2010

Keep in Short

All day yesterday, I couldn't help but keep shaking my sandals trying to get the pebbles and dirt, the distractions, away from me. In Mass, I was trying to see my children amidst all the hundreds of others. An employee buzzed to ask if he should get a sub, he didn't feel good. "Well of course." A friend called about our buddy in the hospital and I had to add on my feelings. A retreat organizer came by for comments on a recent event and I had to put in more than I needed. Shakin' my sandals all day, I couldn't seem to keep up with what Jesus wanted me to do and how He wanted me to act. And today, the reading from Acts, I'm distracted because I realize it takes Peter so long to say what he says. He preaches too many words and I am distracted by the thoughts of my mom always telling me to keep my stories short and to the point. "People only have so much time and they want a lot in a few words." I laugh because Jesus makes His points quickly and Peter doesn't but it's because Peter is trying to tell every detail and Jesus gets right on the message. My mom's right as usual. I tend to skim through Acts and hit the highlights and read every word from Jesus. I guess with all the distractions in my world, I'd better learn to focus and relax with the Word, or stick to the cliff notes. For now, I'm sticking with the short messages, at least until I get these distractions taken care of.

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