Tuesday, April 20, 2010

In the Name of the Father

Last night while working with my daughter on her First Communion journal, I was moved by her ideas about prayer. The first page asked her to take time in prayer and just talk to God about her day, about her life and about her upcoming day when she will receive Him in the Eucharist for the first time. She said to me, "As I do this, 'In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit'" and she crossed herself, "I pretend that that" and she crossed herself "is like knocking on God's door and I wait for Him to let me in. Then, when I'm inside, I see Him in one of those shade hats (a visor) and he's at one of those old machines that you move your fingers to type and then push that bar back (an old typewriter) and there are stacks of white paper all over around Him like with what people ask for and prayers and stuff and I just wait to talk to Him." So, we began together in prayer and she says, "Make sure to knock on the door each time." So we do and she kneels in silence then she writes, "I want You to speak to me. Amen. I want You to speak to me. Amen."
I have this visual of Jesus loving this moment. My 2nd grader telling me the importance of beginning my prayers with the sign of the cross as a way to wait for Jesus to open the door to my prayers of desire and my prayers of thanksgiving, many of which He has in the stacks already. But, He loves for me to come to Him again and again and He's willing to take it all down as often as I knock. She is frustrated by the lack of a response that she can hear clearly. I share with her that He often responds to us by action or in silence and to keep knocking on that door and keep talking to Him and to take time just to be quiet and listen. I say these words for myself as well as her. She turns to me and says, "You know. I think Jesus would like it if you wrote a prayer to Him on your blog." As she gets up to brush her teeth for bed, I promise I will. And so I pray, "In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Today and everyday You bless me in ways I do not always thank You enough for. You obviously have it all typed out and I am not grateful enough for the love You send through my children, my family, my coworkers and the people in my community. Teach me to knock and come sit with You all through my day and trust that You will give me all I need. Bless my daughter and all the children making their First Holy Communion. I pray that they will know You and love You more and more as You come and make a home in their hearts. I pray that they come to You daily throughout their lives. I see that my daughter is comfortable envisioning You in that visor and I pray that she is always that comfortable with You as her loving Father. It took me quite some time to get where most of my children already seem to be in Your presence. I love You and I thank You."


  1. Your daughters image of God is amazing! I can clearly see him, visor and all! I love how she says that making the sign of the cross is like knocking on his door and how she asks him to speak to her. What a gifted child she is and it sounds like she has one wonderful mother, a mother that leads her toward Our Heavenly Father!

    Peace to you both.

  2. That's my girls! So simple yet profound.

  3. I absolutely love the knocking on the door. I will remember this and pass it on to my kids to explain the sign of the cross.

  4. Jeanne Dortch RastApril 24, 2010 at 9:47 PM

    Ahh.... my godchild, how wisdom and insight come from a child.