Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Sunday

Each year my wonderful husband has the same comment about Easter morning Mass. "Why are all these people in my seat?" He cracks me up but I do understand that a newborn baby and the miracle of a man rising from the dead do tend to bring crowds from all over who normally are just not there. Families pour in from neighboring towns to be together to witness the sites and sounds of the good news of the day. I love the "standing room only" feeling (as long as I'm not the one standing) and I'm sure there's joy in Heaven to see families gather that fill an entire pew or two. I looked down the way and truly missed the one single spot where my oldest should have been. She spent Easter with my parents in Naples, FL. Poor kid! Mass, breakfast and a long day on the beach with my parents. I'm sure she missed us too. But all was well. We miss the days of huge Easter egg hunts and traveling from grandparents to grandparents eating more ham than we do in an entire year but somehow, the calmness of just our family was okay too. I love when we are all together, some 40 something of us and I love when it's just us. This year other people were looking at members of my family filling other churches and wondering, "Why are all these people in my seat?"

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  1. haha! I just wrote about all those 'extra' people too on my blog. It's hard to ignore the large number of extras! You have a good attitude toward them :)