Thursday, April 22, 2010

Communion Journal

Wow this First Communion Journal my daughter has been working on each night has really kept us busy in prayer. I love this time in a child's life when their thoughts are so pure and all they know is that no matter what they do or say, "Jesus loves me just the way I am." In the journal she has been challenged to tell ways that she can imitate that love towards her family and her friends. After each entry she has to write down something that she has done for another person during her day. This time together has made me think simply about my love toward others and what I have done in my day for someone else. I have two choices at all times when it comes to "projects" from school, either complain because they take so much extra time or jump in because they usually have a lesson for both the child and the adult. I have always loved the little ways the children prepare for First Communion at our school. The extra projects and the time to talk. No matter how simple, they always bring forth some kind of grace moment. Maybe some of His work is busy work. Maybe some of it can seem like another project. But, I have to say, I always get more than I give and it's always worth it.

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