Thursday, March 4, 2010

Salvation at Our Feet

Trust in the Lord and take care of one another or be left a shriveled up old bush suffering the fires of hell. Wow! That's the message I got today from the Readings. But there's so much more in those passages that Jesus is trying to tell me. So many times I look all over and read stories about others who go on these mission trips all over the world and make huge differences to hundreds of people and I think to myself, "I could never do that." Their stories are awesome and so is the work they do. But time constraints, family, work, fear, whatever the reason, it's just not there for me. Today, I believe Jesus is telling me that each of us has our tasks and our callings. Many are called to take care of others elsewhere and many are called to take care of those right under our feet. There is great merit in both if we trust in the Lord and follow His ways. The Old message is as good as the New message.
I have "street people" who I get tired of dealing with day after day, who scare our customers and make it difficult to get work done. And I'm reminded day after day that THEY ARE OUR WORK. If I can't take care of the tired one in the lot, what makes me think I can feed the one that comes inside? And a few employees, day after day the same things over and over. Can't everyone just play nice and do their job? It makes me tired and yet I'm reminded, THEY ARE OUR WORK. How can I serve the Diocese if I can't take care of my own small community? And my kids, asking all the time and I do, but what is my attitude? I'm tired. I've worked all day. And I'm reminded, THEY ARE OUR WORK. How can I expect to serve at work with the right attitude if I can't even serve my family? We're all called for different tasks and to different places and for many, our callings and the measure of our reward are lying right at our feet.

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  1. Julie, what a lovely post, your posts always give me such amazing inspiration, thank you!!