Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Ten Commandments

Today we hear in the Old Testament that we are to teach the Commandments, the law, to our children and our grandchildren. Also, in the New Testament, we hear that whoever obeys and teaches the Commandments will be called greatest in the Kingdom of Heaven. Let's get right to the root of the message. Command. When I was in grade school, I learned that a command was to tell, to demand. In this time of tiptoeing through life worrying about who will sue whom and what others think, we tend to be a society of cautious speakers and teachers. But, today we are reminded that God gave us laws to speak and to teach and to pass on. He did not give us the Ten Suggestions or the Ten Options so that we might gain Heaven. He gave us the law, the Commandments. He is to be first. We are to love one another and honor our parents and not kill or steal, and that includes others' reputations. We are not to commit adultery or covet what others have. We are to keep holy the Sabbath and we are to pass this on to our children and our grandchildren. And, I believe God gave the children to all of us and so through word and through action we pass it on to all. The root of the message is command. Tell everyone.

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