Friday, March 19, 2010

St. Joseph

Today is a day of celebration for the hard-working Saint Joseph. Not to be taken lightly, this man works day in and day out. I know this because I run the local Catholic bookstore and we have Protestants and Catholics alike come in for "the guy who can help sell their house". We have trained every employee to make sure that every customer understands that it's not the burying of a small statue that will sell their house but the prayer. This not only opens the door to great conversations about prayer but also about the power of prayer. We have heard sooooo many stories about houses that have been on the market for years and then sell after the family prayers to St. Joseph. We have heard sooooo many stories about people buying that little statue and waiting for a sale only to receive a contract after finding and praying the novena. A Jewish man began his request by saying, "Don't tell anyone, but I'm Jewish. Is it okay to be in here?" The best thing about prayer is that it works for all denominations. This man who was asked to get up in the middle of the night and take Mary and find a new home; this man who had to stop and ask for a place to rest; this man who stands behind every father and all who work; this man now has thousands and thousands understanding and believing in the power of prayer. Today, we celebrate a true man. Today, we celebrate a provider, a protector, a believer. Good St. Joseph, intercede for us and bless our families.


  1. Fantastic post!! Happy Feast Day!!

  2. Beautiful thoughts. Thank you.

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