Monday, March 29, 2010


"And the chief priests plotted to kill Lazarus too, because many of the Jews were turning away and believing in Jesus because of him."
I have a very good friend who was considered ready to die and yet came back for one more go at this world. If you've ever had the chance to talk to someone like this, most have stories of being "sent" back. You know, like on a mission. Like God has more for them to do in this world and they have to spend the rest of their lives figuring out what that "mission", that "more" is. We often joke with this guy when we want something and tell him he was sent back to take care of our needs. But today, I get the feeling that he was just sent back because he brings others to believe in Jesus. Could be. Could be that his path in life has been so similar to the classic path of wild man to good Christian example that he's meant just for that, an example. Hours and hours in the chapel and daily Mass and prayer could be his mission. Personally, I'm glad he's back because he's a good friend who keeps me laughing and helps me to stay grounded. He reminds me where I came from and keeps my life in perspective. He's a wise man and a wise a. And like Martha and Mary, I'm just glad he's around. There are tons of books about people like him and yet I don't need another story. Life is precious and we could all work a little harder at bringing others to believe in Jesus. Like Lazarus, like my friend, like Martha, like Mary, He has something in mind for each of us.


  1. When I heard in mass today "And the chief priests plotted to kill Lazarus too" I wanted to laugh. For the last three years, they have seen the most amazing things happen. The blind see, the deaf hear, the lame walk, and to top it all a well known man brought back to life and living amongst them. What more could He have done?

  2. And what more could He possibly do to this day and yet I still talk about others, stretch the truth, throw stones, show anger. And, through it all, He raises me up, He picks me up to try again and He loves me. My Savior.