Friday, March 12, 2010

It's Still Lent

Now seriously, what was I thinking yesterday? My husband says, "I'm walking down to the market for a drink. Do you want anything?" "Oh, please bring me a coke. Well, and if you happen to see a snickers, I could probably eat that." Customers come through, time passes and presto! a coke and a snickers. AND, his stock is in Pepsi. Such a nice husband. I set the coke and double long snickers on the outside of the staircase to my office and wait on the remaining customers. A Dominican sister comes through and I get her book off the hold shelf and as she is walking out (always my teachers), she asks, "Julie, is that your snickers and coke on the staircase?" "Yes sister, would you like to share?" "I'd love to if it weren't Lent. Have a nice day!" I didn't think much about the reminder or comment, whichever it was supposed to be. I gladly ate and drank right in the middle of my day and I enjoyed.
As I sit in my quiet space this morning, I realize that she was reminding me that it's still Lent. There's that pop on my forehead. That V-8 moment. I wasn't supposed to be snacking in the middle of the day and I surely should not have been displaying my activity on the stairs of the local Catholic bookstore. I wasn't thinking and I have to say, it's not guilt that brings me to this story. It is purely the fact that God gives us one another to help keep us on that "straight path". I love it. I love that my customers' comments and my children's reminders and my parents prodding help to keep me close to the path. We're all in this together and today, it's still Lent.
"Straight are the paths of the LORD, in them the just walk"


  1. Excellent post, your so right, God does give us one another to help and remind, what a wonderful God he is to do this for us!!

  2. Amen! What's the saying? Metal sharpens metal . . . or something like that. When I was in Christian Moral Life (a class at college) my professor said something that I think about often today, "Saints run in packs." It's so true! St. Benedict and St. Scholastica, St. Francis and St. Clare, the apostles . . . and there were at least a few more he mentioned.

    Here's to leading each other to Heaven!