Tuesday, March 16, 2010


"while I am on my way, someone else gets down there before me"
I am the best with excuses that keep me from being all God made me to be. I put everything and everyone in front of the full use of the gifts God gives. And for me, it all comes down to fear. I fear what my friends and my family and my co-workers might think or say. I fear being laughed at instead of laughed with. I fear failure and cannot risk the possibility. I fear stirring the pot and being called a hypocrite. And why when I know in my heart the only opinion that really matters is the one given by God? Wouldn't it be nice to truly live not caring what anyone thinks but God? I try to get there day after day but while I am on my way, something gets in front of me. Something in life is always blocking the Way. Ahhh, but each day, thank You God, is a new possibility. Each day we begin again. And, each day I can look up and He will say, “Rise, take up your mat, and walk.” All my fear will disappear and I will try to use the gifts God gives to their full potential. I can hear Him say again, "Rise, pick up all that holds you back, and walk." Today, one more time, I begin again. Fearless.

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