Saturday, March 20, 2010

Encounters to Remember

As I've said a million times, I'm lucky to have a job where it is normal, somewhat expected, to share my faith with my customers. On my 14 hour drive back from Naples Thursday, I thought it would been neat to start writing down all the incredible encounters I experience. I used to be really good about keeping a journal of my days at the bookstore, but in the past several years I have lapsed. Yesterday was my first day back to the store and I made specific eye to eye contact with the customers and William, our street guy and took time with them. Not that I wasn't doing that before, but I took the time with the idea in mind that I would remember how I felt during each encounter. I have to say, it took more time than it usually does but I felt better at the end of my day. Then, last night as I sat to journal about my day, I could recap easily. I could see the faces and hear the stories of the new Catholic and the women looking for a book for a friend taking care of a terminally ill mother and the man buying a rosary for a woman coming into the church and the friend calling to say he didn't get the job he expected and on and on. Each voice, each face, each story was significant if not to me, to them. I have to remember that God sends these people for a reason; whether for them to receive or for me to receive, the encounter between us is on purpose. Each day I choose to persist and pray to remember the encounters and the purpose.

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