Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Do You Read the Word?

A long time customer came in the store yesterday and I asked him if he'd found a place to start his ministry. He said the grand baby's in the car, I'm working at the new Indigo Hotel downtown and no I haven't found a place yet but I'm prayin'. "I thought you were working at the Kia dealer?" "Well, I had to quit there and take care of the grand baby so I needed a night job. Someone mentioned the hotel to me and I went down, wore a coat and tie and evidently made an impression. It's a great job and the people are great. I'm really happy. Started a website for my ministry but don't have a place yet." Since he's been coming in, the 30 years I've been at the store, we've always just referred to him as Reverend Dawson. He's had a funeral home with his ministry and a church and just always wanted to have a community and be a preacher. Down here, there are many "made up" churches but of course the same God. I often get more than I give to these guys. He says, "The other night I met one of the Titan players and we got to talkin'. He's a really nice guy and I said, 'Kenny, do you read the Word?' He said, 'No, but I sure need to. Come on up to my room and we'll read together.' 'I can't come up to your room and leave work but we'll get together on this.' He was so nice and we talked some more and we planned to get together because I figured we were brought together for a reason and he can help me and I can help him. Gotta read the Word." I had to think. I never just blurt out to anyone, "Do you read the Word?" This man who has been coming in for years knows that if we aren't blunt, we may lose the very opportunity God placed in front of us. I walked out to the car and kissed that sleeping grand baby just like I used to hug his mother when she and her sister came in with their father years ago. A hard working man that Reverend Dawson. Always straight forward, jumping on opportunities and working on bringing others to read the Word.

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