Monday, March 22, 2010


Well I certainly relaxed yesterday and watched the basketball tournament almost all day. The girls games were exciting and yet I felt awful for Middle Tennessee to lose in the final seconds after being ahead the entire game. I have to say that I am proud of all the SEC teams who made in to the next round. Of course, my Alma Mater, Vanderbilt, had to make things a little exciting going into overtime. I am actually tired starting this week because of all the games I've been staying up late to watch but I just love the game. (And by the way, this is definitely a hand-me-down. I'm sure my dad, sister and brothers are watching too. Family basketball games were always a big part of our family gatherings.) Coming off Spring Break hasn't helped either but today it's back to the grindstone. Children back to school and us to work. I'd rather watch basketball but I know, I know, reality. For anyone staying home this week, if you want to shoot me the scores... Guess I can wait for the highlights. Ugh.

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