Thursday, March 11, 2010

Are you mad?

I think it's rather funny that the first thing I think when I read Jeremiah today is, "I think He's mad." As kids, we would look into the den and see our mom or our dad sitting in the chair after some confrontation and look at one another and say, "Man, I think she's (he's) mad. What did you do?" And of course, with eight kids, it could have been something in the neighborhood or at school or in the house or it could not have anything at all to do with us but we still guessed that one of us were guilty. Usually, they were just tired of saying the same thing over and over and over. Usually, one of us could enter and crawl up next to them and say, "Are you mad?" and the normal response was a smile and "I'm not mad. Just disappointed." Pierce our hearts.
Today I get the same feeling from the readings. I crawl right up next to Jesus and find out that He's not mad, He's disappointed. He sends me all I need, He gives me every opportunity, He loves me unconditionally and still, I can't seem to follow Him, to love another unconditionally, to take a chance. He's not mad but He knows I have so much more potential. He wants me to give Him my all. This world is a hard place but He says, "harden not your hearts."
Today, crawl up right next to Jesus and listen. Don't be afraid. He's not mad.

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