Wednesday, February 24, 2010

No Further Sign

Can't you just hear the conversations from above, "I told them no further sign will be given so I can't go back down yet. You go down." "I'll go as often as it takes." Just like in our own homes. "You go up and tell the kids to calm down 'cause if I go, I've already threatened to spank them."
Today, Jesus tells us that we've been given all the signs and it's time to straighten up and live according to His laws. He's sent Jonah and He came Himself and there's nothing else He can do to convince us. Well, He has sent signs in other ways and He has sent His Mother several times since then because He really does not want us to suffer. He's way all for us. How many times does He have to send the same message. Pray, fast, repent.
I heard my 8 year old say over the phone yesterday, "My teacher said that if you've already slipped with your Lenten promises, you can just start over tomorrow."
Jesus sends the word that there will be no more signs. If we've slipped, start over today. Pray, fast, repent.


  1. Excellent, Excellent post, Julie! I love the tie with motherhood and fatherhood. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Hi, I just found your blog off Catholic Mothers! And wanted to say I look forward to reading your posts, and also look forward to reading your book! This is just what I need! :) So very excited that God led me to your blog today!