Saturday, February 13, 2010

Multiplication of the Loaves

In todays reading from Mark, we see Jesus feed a group of about four thousand with seven loaves of bread and two fish. He blessed and He broke and He gave thanks. This reminds me of my father and my mother and many like them who attend daily Mass, who give thanks for all they have and in turn give it to those in need. And, the more they give away, the more they seem to have. Not necessarily only in the physical sense of have but also in the spiritual sense. When we use what we have to feed the multitudes, God seems to provide not just what we need but enough for leftover. We've all seen people in this world who seem to be blessed with more than they need and in the case of my parents, after all these years, I realize that it's because God knows that they will give the proper portions to those in need. It's amazing to witness today and looking back it's worth remembering. People coming to the house, coming to the table, whether just to talk and have them listen or to receive monetarily. God multipies and they distribute and there is more than enough left over.

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