Thursday, February 4, 2010

Happy Anniversary

On my parent's 50th anniversary we put together a video of the past and my two brothers put to music and sang a song I wrote. In celebration of their day today, I'd like to share some of the words from that tune.

In '53 they were joined as one
Made a promise of love and a vow of fun
A dozen kids and a Cadillac
Was all he wanted, no turning back

They promised love of God and neighbor and family

Visitors always at the kitchen table
Mom buying Avon and Swipe when she's able
Example shown of giving to the church
Or friends in need of money or work

Damned ol' chickens and BB guns
The yellow chair and turtles on the run
A basement to clean and plays to act
A boy on his bed paints the zodiac

Coaching the team or watching us play
They're always there if there is a way
Sewing clothes, mending hand-me-downs
Leaving books, driving kids all over town

Well done biscuits and Brussel sprouts
West End Krystal for eating out
Drive-in movies, card houses and games
The O'Rourkes, friendships that still remain

They taught us love of God and neighbor and family

It is plain to see they have worked as three
Built two businesses, a life and a family
Fifty years have passed, few regrets looking back
They have more than a dozen and a Cadillac

They taught us love of God and neighbor and family
And they live love of God and neighbor and family

Happy 57th Anniversary Mom and Dad! We love you.

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