Friday, February 5, 2010


More reminders today of David's defeat of Goliath reminds me of all the larger than life enemies that people have to face each day. Yesterday I spoke to a friend I grew up with and found out that her father has cancer and they have found that it is already in the bone. His first treatment to relieve some of the pain knocked him flat. A huge opponent, I know he will have to allow others to help him in this battle. When we were young, my friend Maureen and I were somewhat afraid to go to our friend's house. Her father could not understand why we never wore socks and shoes and we could never understand why his daughter always had to have on white socks and tennis shoes. Just one more thing to take off to get in the creek! He was from the north and coming to Nashville had to be a feat in itself. Things are done a little different down here. But they made this their home and he still lives in our hood and now faces a huge challenge. I agreed to bring him Communion and help with the grandkids at St. Henry whenever needed. As much as I hate to watch this guy suffer, I'm honored to be a part of the fight. Today and everyday, we pray for the cure.

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