Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Catholic Schools Week

As part of Catholic Schools week, many of the schools celebrate by having speakers come in, allowing students to come out of uniform, inviting grandparents to visit, playing faculty vs students sports and enjoying faith rallies. Each day usually brings a different specialty event to the schools. I was fortunate to be invited to Pope John Paul II High School yesterday to set up a couple of tables of Catholic product for sale. This was mainly to make the students and faculty aware of the availability of books and other items that may enhance their faith. I watched the typical High School reactions to the presence of religious "stuff" around teenagers. Most of them wanted to check out what was on the tables. I heard comments like "I want to look at the t-shirts" and "I want to see those saint bracelets." However, not many of the students even approached. They stood back and strained their necks worried that some of their peers may think it uncool to shop at the holy store. We have a retreat here in Nashville called "Search" and kids who have attended can be identified by the cross they wear. Almost every one of the teens who did approach were wearing that cross or coming to buy a new one. Secure in their faith, they approached not worried of what others thought or would say. Truth is, no one ever really says anything negative. Kids think they will but in reality 9 out of 10 really want to come to the table and if one in the group breaks through, the others follow. Teens are funny. I know that I could go back each year and little by little draw them all a bit closer. It takes time and consistency. This is what we need more of with our kids I think. The more they are exposed to what is available in the faith, the more comfortable they become and the closer they will get to the table.

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