Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Ash Wednesday

"As you listen to the passage at Mass today (from the Sermon on the Mount), or if you find time to read the whole sermon, imagine being a part of the crowd, eagerly waiting for a message that will change you, help you to be a better parent and spouse, a more faith-filled person. Imagine sitting there with those you love, holding your children close, hoping for a word from Jesus that will make a difference in their lives and keep them safe and on the right path. Jesus speaks so tenderly to his you and those you love. Feel the love. It's from this sermon that we are given the three elements of a good Lenten practice: giving to the poor, fasting and prayer."
Paige Byrne Shortal, God Loves Us no matter what
Today as I reflect on this first day, I pray for my family to persevere for these Forty Days. I pray for kindness and for mercy. I pray for love.

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