Friday, January 15, 2010

What we Ask for

Today we see the people pestering Samuel for a king. Although Samuel gives them a list of reasons why they don't really want a king (the demands he will put on them) they persist. They want a king and nothing Samuel says or repeats from God is convincing them otherwise. They want what their neighbors have. I see this all the time. We ask and ask because we want something more than what we have and then when we finally get it, it's nothing like we expected. So, we want something else. We ask and ask and someday finally realize that there's nothing in this world that will truly bring happiness. Not complete happiness. That comes from above. Samuel is one smart dude and he tries to warn the people that the next best thing is not the next best thing. I guess today good ole Samuel is reminding me to be careful what I ask for, to stick with God, to listen. Temporary satisfaction or everlasting happiness. Be careful what we ask for.

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