Sunday, January 17, 2010

Wedding Feast

This morning after 7:30 Mass, I took three of my children to get bagels for breakfast and to buy enough to take home for the others. While in line, a friend of my parents' came in and said hello and commented on my children. I was thankful they were somewhat behaving. After eating, he called me over to his table and confirmed that he had attended my Wedding Reception at the Hermitage Hotel downtown. That was 1985. We both remarked "How time flies!" We also agreed that it was truly a great celebration. A huge party. A great deal of fun. My brother's band played and there were endless amounts of food and drink. My father would remark that it was not just a "Wedding Feast" but also a "miracle" that such a nice guy would marry the daughter of his with the longest mean streak he'd ever seen. We would all laugh and agree. I love to find a relation between the Gospel reading and something that happens in my day and today it was simply a reminder from an old friend of a wonderful wedding feast of my own, 25 years ago in August. Just as Mary relied on her Son so too I rely on Him every day not just to keep the good times flowing, so to speak, but also to make our days together the best. I was also reminded that we video taped and asked guests their "secrets to a long marriage". I do remember that the most frequent answer was a good sense of humor and I can honestly say, that was great advice.

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