Sunday, January 3, 2010

We Three Kings

After the reading of the Three Kings this morning at Mass, our deacon stayed to deliver the homily. Sometimes that means a longer homily, I must admit, but this morning the words were to the point and a few comments stuck with me that I'd like to share. I often think that others have already thought about these things that are just now sinking into me as I enter my 50th year but what the heck. I'll share anyway. He was relating the idea that we are the constant search. Followed by the fact that the Kings did not, could not, return the same way came. In the story, we know that Herod was waiting for them to tell him where to find the Newborn King. However, in the homily, it was shared that we too, after our personal encounter with Jesus, would not, could not, return to our old ways. In the start of this New Year, as we encounter the love of Jesus, as we become daily aware of the Face of Christ in our lives, may we too continue the search and as the Kings in our return, may we never be the same.

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