Saturday, January 30, 2010

St. Hyacintha

We have to just love the humanity of St. Hyacintha. Angry because a man chose his younger sister to marry instead of her, she flees to the convent with the promise from her father that she would have the finest of everything for her living quarters. She wore the finest habit and had her own special food and came and went as she pleased. After ten years she became seriously ill and her confessor was sent to her. Suggesting strongly that she give up all her worldly goods, Hyacintha begged forgiveness in front of the congregation, stripped herself of all her pleasure, wore the oldest habit, went barefoot and changed her life completely. She had great devotion to Mary, the Infant Jesus, the Eucharist and especially the sufferings of Jesus. She cared for the sick, begged for the poor, cared for prisoners and visited the elderly. She performed miracles and changed the lives of many in her city.
Today, we remember the life of a young girl who was set for life with all the riches of the world and in one day, one simple confession, turned her entire life around for God.
Every day we are tempted with the pleasures of this world. Every day we strive to live an easier life. Who wouldn't want to be set up in a plush life without a care in the world, with all the finest around us, coming and going as we please and yet living a still somewhat spiritual life?
This girl's life speaks so clearly of our lives today. Not that our lives are completely carefree and plush but take a look around. At least for me, honestly, it ain't bad. Stuff, stuff and more stuff and I'm constantly thinking of other stuff. There is something more out there for all of us and it isn't more stuff. Hyacinth almost died before she found out that there was so much more in not having than in having. One simple confession saved her life and the lives of many she touched. Lots to contemplate. Lots to consider. Plenty to give away.
And Jesus says, why are we terrified? Do we not have faith?

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