Thursday, January 14, 2010

St. Benedict

During one of the Christmas homilies, our priest explained that in the life of St. Benedict, many of the men in his community came to him and complained about one of the brothers who was constantly causing problems. St. Benedict told them that they should be grateful to have such a person among them because he was the one who gives them all the chance for graces. And, he told them if there is not someone in their community who is a problem, to pray that one will come along who can make them all better men. I love this image. I have used this at home when the kids are complaining about one or another being a pain to them all and I have used it at work when co-workers have thrown the store into turmoil. These people are our chances at holiness and I am oftentimes one of "these people". It's how we handle the situations that make us stronger Christians. Today, build character by handling the pains around you differently.

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