Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Europe by Eurail

Yesterday Fr. Thoni came into St. Mary's Bookstore and climbed his 86 year old body up 4 flights of stairs to visit with me. I had stayed with him in 1984 on an army base in Heilbronn, Germany along with my traveling companion. Ahhh. The good ole days. We talked about my cruise down the Rhine, our over 100 mph trek down the autobahn as cars flew past us, our journey to small towns, our visit in a field with a shepherd, the sharing of meals with families we'd never met, Eagle's Nest, walled cities, the Passion Play in Oberammegau, Switzerland, Lourdes, and on and on and on. It was quite a trip then and it was quite a return trip yesterday. It honestly reminded me of how deeply spiritual that trip was for me. Although I had never stopped practicing my faith, attending Mass, receiving Communion, this short visit reminded me of my true conversion experience. I think we all undergo some sort of turning point in our lives where God truly calls us to something more. Something more challenging. Something deeper. Something we have to commit ourselves to. I often have this walk by myself, but yesterday, walking with this man who always seems tireless of the task, brought back home that something more.

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