Thursday, January 21, 2010

David and Goliath

I had to laugh yesterday during the responsorial Psalm that read, "Blessed be the Lord, my Rock!" I don't know I just found it funny after David hurled the rock that killed Goliath. But, it did remind me of the many, many Goliaths that we have to face day in and day out and how much we need for the Lord to be our rock. He is the One we go too when our problems are overwhelming. He is that stronghold that we grasp in time of need. He is the one I choose to knock all the bad "stuff" right between the eyes and have it fall dead at my feet. Who else? Today we see a wince of jealously toward David for his courage against the Philistine but that too falls dead at his feet. Once again the youngest and the smallest was chosen and once again his complete trust in God to overcome evil prevailed. Today, let us be the youngest in the crowd and trust that God will work through us to take care of the Goliaths in our day. Lord, be our rock. Right smack in the brow!

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