Sunday, November 22, 2009


Time flies is an understatement. This youngest daughter of ours celebrated her First Penance a week and a half ago and I mean celebrated. I peered back just in time to see her run to the station set up around the inside of our Church and plop down in front of our associate pastor. I knelt to pray for her as she "bared her soul" until I felt her snug up next to me and jump up to her knees remembering "Oh, I have to do my penance." As she sat and waited for the other children to go for their First Confessions, she expressed her deep desire to wait for them to finish so I could go. Suddenly and unexpectantly, she turned towards me in a whirl and asked, "Do ya want me to tell you my sins?" "No, babe. That's okay. They're already all taken care of now." She proceeded to keep talking until she punched me in a slight bit of anger as I teased her about something. No sooner did the strike occur than she exclaimed, "Oh no. That's a sin. Can I go over to another priest and tell him." Now can we imagine? "Bless me's been 15 minutes since my last confession." The night was awesome as I expected and this last child of mine was comfortable. She knew that this night was about God loving her no matter what. She knew it was about His incredible forgiveness no matter what. What more could I ask?

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