Tuesday, October 27, 2009


"For who hopes for what one sees? But if we hope for what we do not see, we wait with endurance."
Today we hope for what we do not see. Sunday's reading about Bartimaeus the blind beggar taught us of a man who literally waited all his life for Jesus, for Hope, to pass by one day and cure his blindness. He threw aside all he had, his cloak, and followed Hope.
The woman in the Gospel yesterday, bent over for eighteen years, waited for Hope.
Each day, we wait. We all wait in hope for what we do not see. Be strong. Hold fast. Endure.

Friday, October 16, 2009

"There is nothing concealed that will not be revealed, nor secret that will not be known. Therefore whatever you have said in the darkness will be heard in the light, and what you have whispered behind closed doors will be proclaimed on the housetops."

Today's reading sure makes a person stop and think about all the whispering done in a lifetime. I know how embarassed I would be if some of the people in this world heard what I've said under my breath or behind closed doors. Thank God that He knows us and loves us despite all He knows, so much so that "Even the hairs of your head have all been counted. Do not be afraid. You are worth more than many sparrows.” Speak up. It'll all come out in the end anyway!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

St. Teresa of Avila

I'd be slacking on this Feast Day of St. Teresa of Avila not to say a few words about this great Saint and her great city. As my two older girls and my mother were traveling in Spain and Portugal last summer, one of our first out trips from Madrid was to Avila. A beautiful train ride through the countryside brought us to an old walled city where a short walking tour led us to the Basilica of St. Vincent, the Monastery of St. Thomas and the Cathedral of Avila. Teresa was a Carmelite and along with St. John of the Cross worked to reform the order back to the stricter rule. She published many great writings including Interior Castle, Way of Perfection and The Life of Teresa of Jesus. She is a Doctor of the Church.
“Remember that you have only one soul; that you have only one death to die; that you have only one life. . . . If you do this, there will be many things about which you care nothing.”

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Maggie Valley, NC

The first full week of each October I am fortunate enough to set up a store in Maggie Valley, NC for the annual retreat for the priests of the Diocese of Charlotte. No doubt it is a lot of hard work to take vestments, churchware and books to fill an entire retreat house out-building but the priests always make the time worth the effort. I stay for four days, hanging out from 9-7 each day, "staying open", awaiting customers. This year my kids had fall break for a couple of the days and my husband brought them up to enjoy this beautiful part of our country. (Kicking walnuts into the water, my son's school shoe took a trip down the above creek. My husband got a true feel of the force of the water as well as the cool temperature.) It is always a time to reflect, to write and to read, as well as to talk and to listen and to pray. The motto written below the Living Waters Reflection Center sign reads, "to reflect the Son, deep in the heart of a mountain." Time to reflect. We all need time to reflect the Son, in our homes, in our work, in our communities. We don't need a mountain although sometimes atmosphere can help. What I often get in my own reflections is a reminder of God's amazing creation, an awareness of His unconditional love, this world's challenges, His constant pursuit and my need for frequent reconciliation. I thank God for my time in Maggie Valley and challenge myself to take more time like this right in my own back yard. (I do have a creek. Hahaha.)