Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Woman at the Well

Today I had the good fortune of participating in a mom's retreat at the Nashville Dominican's St. Cecilia Motherhouse. Sr. Mary Angela gave two conferences during the day and we spent time in the incredible chapel during Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament, invited to go to confession and left alone in silence (the most difficult part for me of course). The day was awesome and I'd like to share a few thoughts.
The day was themed, "Moms at the well" based naturally on the scene where Jesus meets the woman at the well and asks her for something to drink. She is there in the heat of the day probably because it's the only time she can be there without the other women who know her and know she is a sinner. Jesus tells her to call her husband and when she says she has no husband, Jesus tells her "what you have said is true." Jesus wants us to name our difficulties. He doesn't want us to dress them up and make our families or ourselves look or sound better than we are. He wants us to put a name to our problems and give Him the truth. People who tell us that all is great and their kids are awesome, over the top, are probably not telling us the whole story. After they have spoken and Jesus reveals that He is "he, the one who is speaking with you." And this is my favorite part of the day, she puts down her water jar. She puts everything, all her burdens, all her cares, all her imperfections AT THE FEET OF JESUS. The big burden, the huge jug is left at His feet. We have to put down everything that keeps us from loving others so that we can go out and tell the town the good news of Jesus Christ. I just simply love that entire scene. And, something to remember is that neither of them drank water and yet both were quenched, filled. Today, I was filled.

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