Thursday, September 10, 2009

Ears to Hear

I absolutely love when I fall into a talk or workshop that clicks perfectly with something going on in my life or the lives of my children. And, to top it off it relates back to a homily or Gospel reading for the week. I began the week hearing our priest relate the story of Jesus healing the man unable to hear and to speak. How Jesus stuck His fingers in the man's ears and spit in His hand and touched his tongue so he could be cured. He left us with the message, "As Jesus opens our ears, let us listen to what He wants us to hear." What does Jesus want us to hear?
As I started Monday night at Vanderbilt's Campus in a "Love and Responsibility" talk that would be a 4 part series for 4 nights I had to ask, "Lord, what do You want me to hear?" The Dominican Sister giving the well attended talks started with the alarming statistics of the high divorce rate and sad state of families in today's society. She spoke mainly about love and sacrifice and selflessness. She shared that the only way to break the cycle of the high divorce rate and deterioration of the family is by living in the complete love of Jesus Christ. Any experience of love is an experience of God and the opposite of love is selfishness. Mother Teresa said "You are as miserable as you are selfish." Love gives life meaning. The more we teach our children to sacrifice while they're young the more they will be prepared for bigger sacrifices in their relationships and in their lives as they get older. As Jesus' fingers popped from my ears, I continued to hear the importance of selflessness both for myself and to pass on to our children. We live in such an "It's All About Me" world and "if it feels good do it", that I, through 24 years of marriage and 20 of those years of raising children, often forget the importance of self sacrifice; of giving in; of letting someone else feel good about it or take the credit; of sharing; of it's not all about me. Living in the complete love of Jesus is selfless. Lord, open my ears to what You want me to hear.

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