Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Personal Touch

My mom and I drove down to Atlanta, Sunday, to shop at the Merchandise Mart for the bookstore. Each year my youngest brother Pat is there, set up in a temporary exhibit, showing his beautiful furniture. Each year I am amazed at his new designs and at just what he can manage to fit into a small rectangular spot and make look appealing. I watch as everyone who passes has to stop and sit or talk or ask for a brochure. Each one seems to want to know just what he's selling. Do you sell the bedspreads? Do you make the monogramed headboards? Do you upholster? Are the chairs for sale? Can we just buy the fabric? Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. He's designed the piece, he's cut the wood, he's upholstered, he's loved it and he's ready to pass it on. Each piece is usually named for a family member with whom it shares some quality. And that is what is handed on. In this small booth in this random aisle in this huge building in Atlanta, Pat passes on his God given talent to create for a total stranger a way to rest their head or their feet or their bodies. It's never just about a piece of furniture, but it's always about helping someone else make their home a little more personal. He shares our family stories so that all who come know that every cut, every tuck, every carriage bolt is personal. It's worth sharing. Learn more at .

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