Friday, July 10, 2009


A couple of days ago my high school class of '78 gathered to have dinner and just be together. As always, we had plenty to eat and much to say. We started these "supper clubs" quite some time ago and used to have them more frequently but as with everything, our lives got so busy with our families and our work that before we knew it, another 6 months had gone by and we hadn't managed to work it out. But I have to say, once we are together, it's just like old times. There are those of us who had gone to grade school together and some who had just known each other since high school and a few who ventured on to college together. We share our families and our travels and our work and our food. Each time we get to know something new about somebody and each time we promise to get together a little more frequently. But, who cares how often because the quality way surpasses the quantity. There's just something about gathering together and sharing a meal.

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