Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Enjoy the Moment

Well as usual the summer is flying by! July has completely slipped through my hands and I can see the beginning of the school year on the horizon. Man how I'd rather just have all my kids home together and not scattered all over in four different schools. But that's just not how it is and time does move forward and it reminds me just how important it is to enjoy each and every moment. We stayed in Nashville this summer and went to the pool, bowling, the movies, the zoo and the Opryland Hotel so far. I've tried to take off an extra day and just spend time with the kids. While shopping in Walmart this weekend, I saw a friend who used to work at the bookstore who's in her 70's and I made the usual comment of my life just being "busy". As we parted, she said, "You enjoy that ya hear?" "Yes ma'am I will." As I drove home I realized that she meant what she said. In our hectic lives with our children and our families and our friends and our co-workers, we need to make a conscience choice to "enjoy that, ya hear!" Time passes and children go back to school and people move and we can be left with a bunch of wonderful memories or we can be simply left with the past. As we move forward through July, enjoy time with one another. Listen to your co-worker, they may find another job tomorrow. Spend time with your children, they'll be raising a family of their own soon. Invite your neighbors to cook out, they may be moving. But most of all - Love the one you're with.

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