Thursday, June 25, 2009

Strong Foundation

We are formed to be a dwelling place for the Holy Spirit. With Christ as our foundation and with the teachings of men and women God has sent before us, we grow as one in community. We are supposed to fit together, to live together, and to grow as one body.

When I was young, my dad changed from work with Steel Service Company to a business of his own, Concrete Form Erectors. I could ride down the main street toward downtown Nashville and see the many buildings where my father had laid the foundation. Parking garages, office buildings, hotels, stadiums and anything else that needed based in concrete was his specialty. Although his base structures were not the prettiest part of the projects (sorry dad) they were what held everything together.
My mom loved the arts. Through her high school years at St. Cecilia, a woman herself known for her music and art, my mom loved to draw and paint and perform. As her children were born, she continued her love of art in different ways. As one who loved to create, she worked on her house and the children and the furniture. Oh, the crazy things we could do to furniture in the '70s.
Together, a builder and an artist can bless the world with a firm foundation that looks good. Together my parents laid a foundation in our hearts that could withstand the outside world. They gave us examples of how to live our faith and of how to cherish family values. They gave us a strong base and backed it with education and a neighborhood community that made the whole package appealing.

A solid base. Today and every day I pray that I may build on that foundation and pass it on. Pass on the importance of building a dwelling place in my heart for the Holy Spirit. Pass on the beauty of a faithful life. May we all be examples of a structure pieced together in God's love with a strong foundation. May we fit together and live together and grow as one body.

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  1. Beautiful Julie.....How do you think of all
    that stuff?????