Monday, June 1, 2009

Slip and Slide

I have to laugh because slip and slide could be the lead into words about my spiritual life but today it's all about summer fun.

I sat yesterday and watched as my children played on this long strip of plastic I purchased for $5.00. Oh that so much fun could always cost so little! Set up down the small hill in our backyard with a few added enhancements, and the laughter and summer fun began. At one point a "boogie board" was added but after one hard fall, discarded. Just a few times down from a running start and head first dive and the 13 year old pulled a hole in the side near the bottom but that didn't stop this crew. The hose was repositioned and the fun restarted.

Hey, it does sound a little like my spiritual life; adding a few enhancements, jumping head first into something and having it fall apart just to reposition parts and start all over again.

The boys dropped out of the games on the slip and slide and threw baseball for a while with an older daughter joining and proving she can catch after all. Where was that golden glove during all the early days Allen and I sat in the stands and watched those balls roll farther into the outfield? Oh well, times change and so do the kids.

May they always find this joy in these simple ways.

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