Tuesday, June 16, 2009


My husband and I where headed to Chicago on an annual business trip and gathered the kids to take a simple, quick picture so we would have something in our briefcases if anyone asked to see their lovely faces. It was quite a chore for these siblings to take a simple picture. They were laughing and cracking up and making comments for almost every shot. Right! A quick picture.
Amazingly, God made each of us different. We each have our own individual selves that are like no other. Each person is a miracle in themselves. Just think, as we look into the eyes of the many, many people we encounter each day, each of us have our own gifts and our own look and no matter how hard we try, it's different from any other. If we truly looked at each person, took time to stop and see them as they are, individually, our eyes would be open to the many miracles of that day and the gifts each miracle has to offer.
It took me quite some time in my life to realize that God gave each of us our own gifts. He made us unique and although I may have wanted the gifts that my siblings had, those were not mine to pass onto in life. I had my own talents and blessings and I had to gather them, be thankful for them and use them as God intended. Not to say that I could not and did not pick up bits and pieces of the examples my siblings passed down. I did. Spending lots of time together as a family naturally has it's perks but I still had to open myself to their gifts and I hope my children are willing to do the same.
My siblings could easily win the high school awards of valedictorian, salutatorian, best all around, friendliest, prettiest. most athletic and most talented. Each one with their own gifts of leadership, intelligence, ingenuity, confidence, hard work, competitiveness, love, beauty, creativity, sensitivity, humor and talent taught me to use my own gifts to the fullest. I secretly, at some point, wanted to be like each of them, yet, I had to find my own way that would contribute to the completion of our family. We were constantly called one another's name and compared by those who taught us and coached us but our parents urged us to be our own persons. That is what I'd like to pass on to every child, especially those of my own who can't quite take a quick, simple picture. I'd like each to seek their own talents and their own gifts and to use them to the fullest. All our imprints make a difference. All are a part of the completion of the family of God.

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