Sunday, June 28, 2009


The Bible is very obviously the greatest hand me down that leads us to our Father. The daily Scripture readings are the best way I can think of to start each day so that even if I don't listen to them or follow what they say as I should, I know what I'm supposed to be doing in life to stay close to God and to strive for Heaven.

Today's reading about healing reminds me of my trip to Rome in the '80s. I will never forget gathering in St. Peter's Square waiting for Pope John Paul II to drive around and bestow a blessing on me. Fr. Thoni had told Bubba and I to get to the square early and stand as close to the barracades as we could and wait. When we arrived, we were all alone and within an hour a crowd began to form. As the time got closer for the Pope's arrival, the crowd began to press against us. I envision today people walking with Jesus as He is headed to cure Jairus' daughter and how the crowd must have been for the woman with hemorrhages who wanted simply to "touch His cloak". As the Pope spoke, the crowd went wild and as he got in His golf cart looking thing the crowd began pushing and shoving, trying to get closer to the front where Bubba and I stood. As the Pope got closer and much to my surprise, women started passing their children through the crowd and screaming "please". The Pope approached and I had to decide whether to take his picture, touch him or lift these children as fast as I could to have him touch them. And in what seemed a long, long moment, the Pope paused, blessed the children, shook my hand and I took his picture. My energy was drained from my body and I remember to this day the touch of his hand. There was no screaming of miracles on that day as that Holy man of God touched the crowd - or was there? Jesus worked through Pope John Paul II and He works through us.
Reach out and touch those in need. As we read the Scriptures to find out what we should be doing each day and as the world pushes against us, may we be His hands and His feet and His voice on this earth. Pass on the Word.

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  1. Julie, Brought back MANY good memories
    .....How blessed I have been to have exper-
    ienced so MUCH.....and have had so many
    to experience it with!