Tuesday, June 30, 2009


It may seem odd but I can't help but think today about poor Lot's wife being turned to a pillar of salt. She just couldn't follow the instructions. She just had to turn around and it cost her and her family a great loss.

My friend Maureen and I were always looking for ways to make money when we were young. We would collect the cokes bottles left at construction sites and turn them in for refunds, pull bag worms from trees (yuk), sell the indian money found in pebble driveways and shovel snow from sidewalks. One particular winter when the snow masked a layer of ice, Maureen and I decided to get some help from good ole Morton Salt. As we moved from one job to the next, we needed more salt from our parents' kitchen and as we grabbed another box, Maureen's sister grabbed us. She explained that pouring the salt all over the concrete sidewalks would make our job easier now but come summer, when our clients discovered their sidewalks chipping away, our job would be much more difficult and costly repairing the concrete. We cleaned what we could of any salt residue and went back to the tedious task of breaking up the ice with our shovels and cleaning the sidewalks as we had promised. Our job was much tougher but following Colleen's instructions saved us in the long run.

Of course, when I went to the Morton Salt website to get the above picture, they now have salt specifically to melt ice from the sidewalks. Boy could Maureen and I make some money now! Pass it on and don't look back.

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  1. Loved it!! Wish Maureen would see it.
    I know Terry and Janice love it!!!