Friday, May 22, 2009


October 25, 1987

“Dear children, today I want to call all of you to decide for Paradise. The way is difficult for those who have not decided for God. Dear children, decide and believe that God is offering Himself to you in His fullness. You are invited and you need to answer the call of the Father, who is calling you through me. Pray, because in prayer each one of you will be able to achieve complete love. I am blessing you and I desire to help you so that each one of you might be under my motherly mantle. Thank you for having responded to my call.”

In October 1987, following a long flight in a large airplane, a short flight in a small airplane and a long bus ride, my mom and I landed in Medjugorje, Yugoslavia to find out more about "what was going on over there." What we found, what we participated in and what we heard was the deep faith of thousands of pilgrims in Our Lady, in her Son and in the Church. We listened to the message given to the visionaries, much like the message above, about prayer and about peace and about the Blessed Mother's gentle love for each of us and her desire for each of us to gain Heaven. We attended masses, prayed rosaries, climbed mountains and witnessed indescribable happenings. The local people were more than hospitable and we were treated as family by most we met. We saw those who climbed the slate mountain in bare feet, we had one in our group climb in patent leather shoes, we heard songs to Mary, the familiar meditations on the Stations of the Cross and multiple versions of the rosary. We took the long journey, we experienced "what was going on over there" and we were once again moved by the deep love of a Mother trying desperately to save her children. A protective, tireless Mother teaching us to pray, to repent, to love one another and to believe in the teachings of her Son. Listen to His call.

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