Monday, May 25, 2009

50 Years

I know that I've dedicated May to our Blessed Mother but today is my sister's 50th birthday and since there were many times in my life when she saved me from some really bad trouble while acting as a mom, I feel inclined to say a few words.
Hand-me-downs in life come in all shapes and sizes. From older sisters they naturally come in the form of clothes and shoes and toys. My sister has always gone well beyond the "physical" hand-me-downs. Advice flows freely from this one and believing God puts everyone in our paths for a reason, I've listened to every word. "Mom will smell that smoke on your clothes." "Don't go out with him, he's gross." "You better get in to practice, coach is mad." "Are you gonna wear that?" "Did you remember mom's birthday?" "You know what we can do to your house?" "Leave your kids with me." "Put carpet down." "Strip those floors." "You can do it." "You need to call Jeanne." "I'm coming in." "I'll fix it when I get there." And so much more. She has saved me more times than I can count.
Donna has survived 48 years and 10 months of me beneath her in a bunk bed and doubling on the seat of our bike, pretending like I was her while talking to her boyfriends on the phone (oooo!), having her drive me around all over the place and sharing the same everything.
Funny thing in all these years is that although God made us complete opposites, we're perfect for one another. She's a cheerleader and I'm an athlete. She loves the farm and I'm a city girl. She's dark haired and I'm blond. She's slight and I'm slightly not. She's always one step ahead of me, but I'm right behind. Another year and 2 months and she'll be passing on the big 5-0. With that, I'm sure they'll always be more. Keep passing it on sista. I love you.

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