Sunday, April 5, 2009


Around 5 am each morning I sit in my office and spend time reading and writing before anyone in the house wakes. To add to my daily routine, my godchild gave me a daily flip calendar of The Purpose Driven Life. It has actually made me think more about my personal relationship with Jesus. Warren speaks about our friendship.

Friends spend time with one another. God wants us to spend time with Him. That’s what God asks us to do every day. He wants us to take time out of our busy lives and come to Him especially if we are in need but also in our times of happiness. We are more apt to go to Him when we are at our weakest but we need to remember that, as a Father, He would love for us to make a formal visit and just tell him that we love Him.

When we were young, beyond our control and yet always welcome, neighbors stopped in our house and sat for a visit almost daily. We visited my grandparents every Sunday. I made visits to my sister in college on weekends. Taking time out of our busy lives to sit and visit was and is important. Every time my mom got the chance she took us by the Chapel for a visit. I say the Chapel but I mean any Chapel in any city, anywhere. When I was older she explained that she would make some excuse to stop and then sit quietly and silently present and dedicate each one of us to the Lord. She knew that we understood the importance of visiting old people and friends and siblings but she wanted us to know that taking time with God one on one was essential. That with God on our sides, each of us would be okay in the world. Not only protected but led and fed.
In the past several weeks, thinking about my personal relationship with Jesus, I've made a couple of trips to the Chapel and prayed the Stations, in particular, a little meditation called Mary's Way of the Cross by Pfeifer. A tremendous little booklet sharing Mary's walk to Calvary. This little visit gave me this message from His Mother at the sixth station where Veronica wipes Jesus' face: "Mother, give me courage, too, to help with the means at my disposal - be they ever so trivial in the eyes of others. Greatness shows itself in little things. Small services can be a sign of genuine love. A kind word, a friendly look, a gesture - these little things that can transform hearts, heal rifts, fight depression, change selfishness into a love that recognizes the need of the neighbor. How I long to be like Veronica and have His face etched in my memory forever!" Led and fed.

As usual, the example and the importance of taking time with Jesus handed down to me by my parents made my day. Oh, if I'd just put into action all they passed on through the years!

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