Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Roller Skates

I often wonder if I take for granted many of the words I have heard all my life. Countless times I have been told that Jesus is the key to our life. The One Way. He can lead us through the adjustments we need, not to just fit in to this life, but to live fully and deeply in His love. And yet, daily I search for answers. Daily my interest is peaked by false promises. Daily I seek opposite paths. Seems to me that I can follow Jesus and His teachings and be right there with Him in the end.
When I was young, we owned metal roller skates which came with their own key to adjust the length and width to properly fit our feet. We threaded string through the hole in the keys, tied a knot and hung the keys safely around our necks. From the previous experiences of our siblings, we knew that without that key to make the proper adjustments, our skates would be either used painfully or not at all. Invariably, we all lost our keys and borrowed from kids in the hood until those too where finally lost. I crammed bigger high top shoes between the end of the metals bars and then put my feet into the shoes. Too big or too small, I forced my feet into many uncomfortable situations for the pure joy of skating. Holding on to that key would have made life easier in my world of skating.
In much the same way, Christ is the key to our journey. With Him, all the parts of this life just seem to fit. May we all hold on to that key.

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