Thursday, April 23, 2009

Storms of Life

It seems we all have to face some kind of storm in our lives and we are all asked to have faith and courage and to trust in the Lord especially during those most difficult times. This life is just not perfect; however, in the Gospel of Matthew we read that no matter how rocky our lives may seem, God will not abandon us. As life hurts, He heals. As rough times occur, He calms. And even though we know His saving power and we’re sure we’ve seen everything, He still leaves us amazed.

Growing up in a family of ten and being one of the youngest of eight children, I enjoyed the luxury of many previously used items. Not just clothes from my two older sisters, but toys, baseball gloves, school books, bicycles, teachers, and eventually, cars. People, scripts, examples and lessons so carefully placed in my life and all for one reason. All with the common goal of getting me to Heaven.

I specifically waited for everyone to tire of what we just referred to as the “showboat”. It was a large plastic ship with slots in the sides and several scenes that slid into those slots with stand-up cardboard figures and scripts. However, by the time the ship sailed my way, almost all of the figures were missing. I slipped the scenes down the slots and tried to make up my owns plays with the few figures that would still stand but it just wasn’t the same.

Through life, we look for our showboat. That one large piece that makes all the little pieces make sense. That person, place, or thing that saves us from the turbulence and renews our faith. In our youth, we may see that piece as a friend or a sister or even a toy boat but as adults, we find that one large piece to be God. Yes, it’s true that the other “things” can temporarily keep us afloat but only God can actually save us.

May God calm the storms in our lives so that we might not just keep our heads above water, but that we might sail. In these uncertain times, we turn to Him. Only He can truly save us. Pass it on.

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