Friday, April 3, 2009

Hand Me Downs

I’d never had to search for my faith. Faith was always smack in front of me leading my way. I’d run from faith, dodged faith, avoided faith. I’d been annoyed by faith, and oftentimes, questioned faith. Truth was, I’d always gone by the motto that ignorance was bliss. If I didn’t accept this faith that my parents so believed in, I wouldn’t have to suffer, I wouldn’t have to spend time with God, and I wouldn’t have to be good. I could go through life and not care about the outside world. But, for some reason, God would follow me around like a Shepherd keeping me close and constantly luring me back. So close, that faith would eventually hook me and make me accept all the goodness God had to give if only I would follow Him, visit Him, listen to Him, ask Him. I tried so hard all my life not to be like my parents and yet the examples they set were planted so deeply, there was no uprooting them, no avoiding them. All they wanted to do was to share with us the way, the One way. I took every by-pass, every back road, every opposite path. The road I’m traveling still seems long but a little less rocky with the faith my parents have handed down. A strong Catholic faith etched in tradition, rooted in the call to be disciples. They prayed. They cast their nets. They blessed and broke and shared and in return they always had enough not just for us but for all who came to the table. They have clung to Christ through the many joys and sorrows of this life and have taught me a faith that knows there is so much more in store for those who truly love Him.

Today is about passing on Faith; about seeing Christ in the ordinary; about unconditional love and total awareness of the presence of God. I believe my parents have been given these spiritual and worldly gifts because Jesus knew that they would give them away to those in need. We are Christ’s instruments in this world. May we all accept the challenge of passing on the Kingdom.

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